Trade waste tank.               
Acid neutralising tank.
Cooling & Straining tank.
Food triple interceptor.
Grease trap.

Mixing tank.
Paint settling tank.
Petrol triple interceptor.

Plastic tank gallery.
Pump tank.

Settling tank.
Solvent triple interceptor.
Trade waste tank.
Triple interceptor.

Silt pit.
Silt trap.
600lt Grease Trap
250lt Grease Trap 1000lt Grease Trap & Cover
2000lt Grease Trap
1000lt Grease Trap & Cover

What Is Trade Waste?

Trade Waste Tanks trap and retain grease, fat, oil, silt, sand, sludge and other substances to prevent their entry into the sewerage system. Tanks vary in design according to their application.

Trade waste is water that has been contaminated in the process of business and that cannot be returned to the environment safely without treatment. It may contain chemicals, fats or detergents. It is typically wastewater from food preparation areas or as a result of any washing, cleaning or rinsing process.

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